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Welcome to Northern Tasmania

SUBS in Schools National Finals 2021

We are thrilled to host the 2021 SUBS in Schools National Final and we look forward to sharing with you, Tasmania’s heart.

With the event taking place in Launceston, there will be no shortage of opportunities to explore Northern Tasmania.

The city has an abundance of natural wonders to discover, while our position in the heart of Tasmania provides you the perfect base for your Tasmanian adventure.

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Take the opportunity to explore while you're here for the event... Let us show you what Northern Tasmania has to offer.

A rich journey of discovery awaits

Shaping your visit is easy - Itineraries have been designed to showcase the highlight reel for Tasmania's North - these are the curious experiences and Instagram-worthy options deserving of your time and your must-do list.

The Tamar Triple Treat

3-Day Tour

Become at one with the water with a day filled with sea faring adventures and cultural experiences.

Cliffs And Caves Adventure

1- Day Tour

You will feel anything but hollow after walks to cliff faces and waterfalls followed by a visit to the renowned Mole Creek caves.

A Seaside Excursion

1 Day Tour

As if you needed an excuse to head to the seaside but this itinerary is where East meets West, and where some of the best beaches in the region links in with vineyards and scenic walking and cycling trails.

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