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There's a part to play, this May ...

Take your seat ...
A small city in the north sets the scene.
There's theatre in sharing a moment.
You Will Grow Here.

 There are many events that take center stage in May

With so many events to experience and so much to see in Launceston and Northern Tasmania, your decision will be which moments to create and how many memories to share.


Launceston has been a cultural hub and gastronomic centre for more than two thousand generations. Our natural and built heritage, food, wine (and spirit) continues to draw together a diverse community of makers, artisans, storytellers and nature lovers from all over the world. Find out more about the Launnie story here.

Explore Launceston and the North while you're here

Come for the event...stay for the experience

There is so much to do and see here in Launceston and Northern Tasmania. If you're heading to town for an event, make the most of your stay and head out to explore while you're here.