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Make a Bowl Woodturning

In the Golden Valley studio, you will get straight to work crafting your bowl.

Working as an individual or in a pair you will get to create your own wooden bow. Shaping the outside first, you will learn how to hold the chisel and steadily carve the wood as it spins on the lathe. You will sand and smooth your bowl until it is beautiful then flip to carving out the inside, responding to the wood, shaping something truly unique.

Once more you will sand your work, finishing it with food-grade oil or Danish Oil so that it can be used immediately.

Golden Valley is 50 minutes from either Launceston or Devonport and 2.5 hours from Hobart.

Note: Some pairs like to work on a bowl together; however, there is an option for two people to each make a bowl, but each of their bowls will be slightly smaller than a large one.