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Liberty Balloon Flights Tasmania

With over 25 years experience flying in many areas around the globe, 16 of them over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, Liberty Balloon Flights commenced operations in Tasmania in the Summer months of 2018/2019.

An early morning rise for those who want to experience the birth of a new day in the oldest form of aviation, a hot air balloon ride. We fly in areas like Launceston, Deloraine and North Midlands (depending on the wind direction on the day). Our aim is to give our passengers the best possible experience and views at sunrise so we will be meeting approximately one and a half hours before the sun comes up and we will drive in our vehicles to the launch site. With audience participation for those willing to help us, we will prepare the balloon, which takes approximately half an hour and, once ready, we will float in the wind for about an hour, flying low over some areas and high, to get the views in others. This is an experience you shall never forget. After the flight, we will pack the balloon away and drive back to our original meeting place for a lovely champagne breakfast.