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Flow - Civic Square Launceston

'Waterways hold deep symbolic meanings, ranging from the flow of life, fertility, the passage of time. In some cultures they symbolise the boundary between this world and the next. Waterways connect settlements. Throughout human history, water has been a life force.'

Flow is a collaborative exhibition featuring Huon Valley and Launceston artists. The exhibition reflects and celebrates the connection each area has to its local waterways, river systems and coastal areas, and explores their significance.

The exhibition features different media including 2D, sound, digital and 3D works from five Huon Valley and five Launceston-based artists.

The exhibition is showing at three different venues over different time periods, supported by a virtual gallery space where all the works participating in the exhibition are visible in one accessible space online.

Huon Valley Council are proud to present this exhibition in conjunction with the City of Launceston and Sawtooth ARI.

This project was made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.