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Launceston in summer according to Sumner

Leafy strolls in between studio time

Every time Chloe Wilson steps on stage, she yells "Tassie forever!" and a roar erupts through the crowd that's usually in its hundreds.

It's a call of fierce pride by the singer who moved from Queensland to the island state more than a decade ago and now relies on this place to shape her work.

"The saying, 'it takes a village', rings so true. This community has been a constant for me and our natural wonders have always been an inspiration," says Chloe.

Chloe lives in Launceston, where she was performing solo under her middle name, Sumner until 2014 when she teamed up with Jack McLaine and converted to a duo focused on punchy, powerful electronic tunes with style.

Jack echoes Chloe's need for a slower speed.

"The pace here really facilitates our creativity. Living in a city that's half an hour to the snow or beach or incredible wilderness is awesome," says Jack.

A usual day in Sumner's diary starts with coffee at a Charles Street café, then a bit of admin, rehearsals, a walk around leafy East Launceston where the studio is set up and of course, chill time with the backyard chickens.

Over the warmer months, throw in cocktails at Havilah, sushi at Bento, sun basking on the grass at Prince's Square and more walks with ambient tunes.

Jack points out Pachinko for dinner and Sweet Brew for brunch and suggests visitors to the city explore Duck Reach, a rocky, cooler section of the Cataract Gorge where Sumner part shot their latest video clip.

The band's singles such as Stranded, South and Blame Myself have been on repeat across the airwaves and led to spots at major music events including Yours and Owls Festival where the duo supported mega group Pnau on a rotating stage.

As the live music scene buckles beneath the weight of a socially-paralysing pandemic, Chloe and Jack say the past 12 months have ironically been full of self-growth and very rewarding, despite spontaneous date changes and cancellations in response to rolling restrictions.

Borders permitting, Sumner have jetted across the country wowing big audiences with their unique sound and meaningful lyrics, and Chloe says it's always a response of envy when her and Jack are asked where they're from.

"When we say we're from Launnie, everyone's always really excited and curious about it…it's a really exciting time to live here and there are definitely exciting times ahead."

For Sumner, there's a lot of great adventures coming up: catch them at Party in the Apocalypse and keep your ears alert for new sounds: they're not giving too much away but Chloe and Jack say 2022 will be huge.

Despite stars rapidly rising, Sumner stays grounded and grateful for every opportunity to share their music. With no plans to move to a Big City, you'll probably catch Chloe and Jack in the line for a latte on Charles Street soon.

Photo credit: Jesse Hunniford

The pace here really facilitates our creativity