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Launceston in summer according to Georgia

Ice cream and hidden swimming spots

Strawberry ice cream is slowly dripping down the side of a waffle cone in Georgia's hand on a hot day at Launceston's Seaport Precinct.

The 13 year-old mops up the sweet treat before sharing her love of Launceston, the city she's never lived away from.

"It's so great here. I love hanging out in the sun with my friends at the Gorge and climbing the trapeze at Riverbend Park. There's so much for kids to do in Launceston," she says.

Georgia is sports mad: she plays touch football at Royal Park and netball at Hobler's Bridge, participates in Little Athletics and enjoys bike riding and shooting hoops in her suburb of Youngtown. Somehow Georgia also finds time to dance at a studio in Mowbray, which she says is usually followed by a fresh-squeezed juice from a food van parked by the North Esk River.

Running Georgia between rehearsals and training and juice pick-ups is her mum, Yvette, who often joins her daughter on bike rides around the gentle hills of suburban Launnie.

"We wanted to raise our three daughters here because Launceston is full of opportunities and friendly people and is so accessible - a traffic jam lasts for five minutes here!" Says Yvette.

Over summer, Georgia plans to eat Margherita pizza from the Pizza Pub and frequent Corra Linn, a rocky gorge with a swimming area surrounded by bushland on the southern outskirts of the city.

"We walk from home to Corra Linn on a hot day. It's so refreshing and not as many people know about it, so sometimes you can have the place to yourself," says Georgia.

As Georgia finishes off the ice cream beside bobbing yachts in the marina, the masive yellow tentacles of the Riverbend trapeze prove too much of a temptation for this adventure-seeker.

She tells Yvette she'll be back in a tick and with that, Georgia's off to reach great heights.

I love hanging out in the sun with my friends at the Gorge and climbing the trapeze at Riverbend Park