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Launceston in summer according to Gedi

Football and family

Hang out at Coronation Park in South Launceston long enough and you'll likely see a former professional footballer passing on his know-how to budding soccer stars.

Gedi played across Europe before he moved from Lithuania to Launceston a couple of years ago. He says Coronation Park - a leafy patch on the edge of the CBD, which also has an off-lead zone for dogs - is the perfect practice pitch for students of his training school, Tassieroos.

"Many different nationalities gather here to play sport. It's a great open space and is used by all ages," he says.

When his friends and family found out that Gedi was moving to the southern hemisphere, they were a bit puzzled: Tasmania isn't particularly well-known for the code Gedi had made a career out of. But Gedi quickly carved a place for himself and his passion in Launnie.

"I'm so happy I came! The people here are beautiful, the nature of this place is so beautiful," he says.

Gedi lives close to Coronation Park with his partner and young daughter. It's the proximity and convenience of his adopted city that Gedi loves.

"Everything is so close like beautiful forests and the airport. Launceston is basically in the middle of the state so my family travels to Bridport, the East Coast and Hobart often."

If a bit homesick, at least Launceston isn't that far removed from Gedi's hometown of Klaipeda: he says the two places share interesting architecture and a central waterway. Although Gedi points out the drivers are a bit slower, he far enjoys the laid-back style of Launnie.

"You can relax here: it's not busy. And I would prefer nature to busy, big cities full of concrete."

Over summer, Gedi will continue coaching and exploring. He'll also be enjoying drinks and snacks at Mudbar at Seaport and will be kicking about at the Gorge, a natural wonder Gedi says is one of the world's most fantastic sites.

Moving anywhere new can be challenging, but to move to the other side of the world to a place that calls football, soccer, would have been a momentous task. But Gedi's taken it on and says that welcoming locals have made the switch so much easier.

The people here are beautiful, the nature of this place is so beautiful